Goa is a tiny exotic emerald land and visitors to Goa are more likely to remember Goa as a peaceful place and for the friendliness of the people of Goa. This is a place where the people really know how to relax. May be that is the reason why Goans are called “Susegado”, it’s a term that suggests the Goan attitude to life along the lines of “Relax and enjoy life while you can.”

   Goa is particularly very rich in folk music but you can also hear the very best of Hindi, Latin, American and Western Music & Dance out here.

Goa is a former Portuguese colony; It was liberated on 19th December 1961 from 451 years of Portuguese Colonial Rule. It’s a real paradise on earth and rightly called the Rome of the East. It attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the globe. Roman Catholicism remains a major religion followed by Hinduism and Muslim.

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