Chandor - The ancient city of Chandrapura

Chandor, the ancient city of the chandrapura served as a capital for Bhojas and Kadambas (3-4th to 11th Centuary A.D.) besides as a port town. The copper plates from Shiroda and Sivapura reveal the rule of Bhoja King Devarajah and Konkan Maurya King Chandravarman respectively, in Chandrapura.

The temple site is the middle of Chandor cotta, houses the remains of an 11th century Shiva Temple which is also known as "Isvorachem". It was previously excavated in 1930 by Rev. Fr. Heras adn in 1974 by the ASI. The latter escavation brought to light a brick temple consisting of Garbhagriha surrounded by Pradakshinapatha, a large Sabhamandapa and a medium sized Makhamanpada or Porch. Excavation during 1999-2000 unearthed two major phases of construction plus a number of outer alterations to the second phase which are grouped together as Phase III.

Phase I reveals a roughly cruciform building remains with the 14 pillar bases arranged into two rows of six with a further two being located within the western transept. Phase IIA consists of a temple overlying the phase I building having a large squarish mandapa with a small Garbhagriha, fanning west phase IIB. A rectangular structure was added to the east of the temple surrounding garbhagriha of Phanve IIA, In phase III the basic phase IIB building remains in use for a long as the site was the temple excepting a crudely constructed square brick structure added in the centre of Mandapa of Phase III. This was ascribed as garbhagriha by the 1974 escavators. This structure considerably belongs to later than the phase II walls, hereby called as the western shrine.

To the east of the temple, as stone Nnandi stands. now surrounded by modern stone wall. This is said to have been removed from the ditch of western shrine of Phase III. the sculpture can be stylistically dated to 11th Century AD towards further east of Nandi sculptures, excavations revealed a broad brick wall running in north-south direction. this wall appears to be a city wall.

The suggested date of the Phase I structure is between 3rd-7th century A.D. and adhistana mouldings of the Phase II structure which overlies it can be appoximately dated to 7th century A.D. The phase III structures presents to the Later medieval changes made to the buildings probably in the period between 8th and 13th Century A.D.

A well like structure in the excavated site at Chandor

The huge stone Nandi at the excavated site at Chandor

Stones at the excavated site at Chandor



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