Goan exotic Cuisine


1kg pork, 1/4kg pigs liver, 3 green chillies, finely chopped 2 inch piece of ginger, finely chopped 20 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 15 dried red Kashmiri chillies 1 tsp peppercorns, 1 tsp cummin seeds, 2 tsp corriander seeds dry roasted, 1 tsp turmeric, a marble sized ball of tamarind mixed in 1 cup of water or vinegar, salt to taste.

Method: Boil the meat with 2 cups of water until liquid reduces by half. Reserve the boiling liquid. Cool then cut the meat into cubes. Fry in a little oil until brown. Add the green chillies, garlic and ginger. Grind together the dried chillies, peppercorns, cummin and corriander with a little vinegar, add the tamarind to this mixture. Add this masala to the meat and fry for a few minutes. Add the reserved boiling liquid, salt, tamarind and vinegar. Simmer, covered until the meat is tender.

Sambharachi kodi/ Prawn Curry


1 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 tbsp bright red paprika, 1/2 tsp ground turmeric, 4 garlic cloves peeled and crushed, 1 inch piece of fresh ginger peeled and grated, 2 tbsp coriander seeds, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 14 oz can coconut milk well stirred, 3/4 tsp salt, 3 pieces of kokum or 1 tbsp tamarind paste, 1 lb peeled prawns.

Method: In a bowl, combine 10 fl oz water with the cayenne pepper, paprika, turmeric, garlic and ginger.  Mix well. Grind the coriander seeds and cumin seeds in a clean coffee grinder and add to the mixture. Put the spice mixture into a pan and bring to a simmer. Turn the heat to medium-low and simmer for 10 minutes. The sauce should reduce and thicken. Add the coconut milk, salt, kokum or tamarind paste and bring to a simmer. Add the prawns and simmer, stirring now and then, until they turn opaque and are just cooked through. TIPS If you buy unpeeled headless prawns you will need 1 1/2 lb. Kokum is the semi-dried sour skin of a fruit that grows along India's coast. Tamarind paste makes a good substitute.


1 kg sardines, 250 ml refined oil, salad oil or olive oil, 250 ml tomato ketchup, paste of 10 cloves of garlic

Method: Clean sardines and wash them well and apply salt. Heat the oil in a pressure cooker. Add the garlic paste, ketchup and 2 cups of water. Allow to cook for an hour and a quarter.

Chicken Xacuti


1Kg chicken, cut into desired pieces (or or off the bone) 6 tblsp ghee 10 onions 2 coconuts - thick and thin milk extracted from one, the other grated and roasted in a large pan with two of the onions (sliced) and a little ghee. This should be roasted until the coconut has gone a pale brown. Grind this roasted coconut/onion mixture. 2 tblsp corriander seeds 5 peppercorns 15 dried red chillies


Dry roast the above and grind into a paste with a little water and add 1tsp turmeric dry roast the following and grind into a paste with a little water 6 cloves 1/2 inch piece cinnamon 1/2 nutmeg 3/4 tblsp aniseed 1tblsp poppy seeds 2 limes Chop four of the onions and fry until light brown. Add the chicken and brown. Add the corriander etc. paste, fry for a minute and then add the thin coconut milk. Cook until chicken is tender. Cut the remaining onions into quarters and add to the chicken, along with the roasted coconut and cinnnamon etc, paste. Simmer for a few minutes then add the thick coconut milk. Add salt if required. Simmer for 10 minutes or so until sauce has thickened. Sprinkle over some lime juice prior to serving.

Mori(Shark) Ambottik


1/2 Kg fish - shark, catfish or other 'meaty' fish salt 10 dried red chillies 1/4 tsp cummin seeds 4 peppercorns 1/4 inch piece of turmeric (or 1/2 tps ground) 4 cloves garlic 1/2 inch piece of ginger a marble sized ball of tamarind mixed in 1 cup of water or equivalent of 'instant' e.g Tamcon 1 finely sliced onion 2 tblsp oil


Clean and wash the fish. Cut into small steaks, rub in salt and set aside. Grind all the other ingredients bar the onion into a paste (masala) with a little water. Fry the onion until brown. Add the masala and fry for a minute. Add 1 cup of water. Bring to boil then add fish. Cook on low heat until tender. A little salt and vinegar may be added if desired. Serve with plain boiled rice.

Salted Tongue
1 big tongue, cleaned and washed well, 1 tsp sodium benzoate, 1 tsp saltpeter, 6 tsp salt, 2 tsp sugar, 2 tbsp vinegar or lime

Dissolve sodium benzoate, salt, sugar and salt in half a glass of water on low heat. Add lime or vinegar and pour this mixture on the tongue and with a fork prick it all over. Its better to keep the tongue under some weight and turning it after every few hours. Pressure cook the tongue for 45 minutes, on slow fire

Chicken Baffad
1kg chicken, cut into serving size pieces, either on or off the bone 8 dried red kashmiri chillies 1 tsp turmeric 15 peppercorns 1/2 tsp cummin seeds 4 cloves 1 inch piece cinnamon 2 onions, finely chopped 3 green chillies, finely chopped 1 inch piece ginger, finely chopped 12 cloves garlic, finely chopped thick and thin milk extracted from 1 coconut salt and vinegar to taste

Fry the onions in a little oil until browned. Meanwhile grind together the spices. Add the chicken, chopped chillies, garlic and ginger to the pan and cook for a minute or so. Add the ground spices and salt and again cook for a minute or so. Now add the thick and thin coconut milk so that the milk just covers the chicken. When chicken is cooked (about 20-30 minutes) add the vinegar and simmer until the sauce has thickened. Serve with rice



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